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Security Services
I Force India provide one stop solution for all your security related needs. Security solutions provided by I Force India meets the international security standards. I Force India Every security personnel is well trained and equipped with the latest know-how of the dynamic and ever changing security needs of various industries. The ongoing and compulsory training programmers scheduled at I Force India keeps its people updated with the latest developments in the arena of Security services.

Facilities Management
Housekeeping, Facilities Manegment. services to Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and residential complexes are provided under one roof at I Force India I Force India delivers all encompassing Solutions keeping in mind the International standards.

20 days intensive training programme to include classroom and field training
•100 hours of classroom training
•60 hours of field training

•Familiarization with company sites and key personnel
•Duties at posts, frisking, search procedures, entry / exit procedures
•Conduct towards customers, visitors, vendors, VIPS, employees, house keeping staff, courtesy and salutations etc.
•Documentation at various posts
•Duty in parallel – day and night shifts, VIP / clients visit procedure
•Fire Fighting / Crowd control
•Identification of improvised explosive devices
•First Aid
•Crisis response and disaster management.
•Use of Security equipment and devices.
•Written test & Induction.
•I Force India we provide best of the Housekeeping, Facilities Management and Waste Management services.
•We also specialize in provisioning of wide range of products/equipment for Home, Office, Garden, Washroom, Janitorial and Cleaning.

Basic House Keeping
•Our housekeeping services are one of its kinds in the service industry.
• We provide solutions for all the housekeeping requirements of our clients.
• Our trained manpower coupled with sophisticated equipment, enables us to be way ahead of our competitors in the field of housekeeping.

Daily Cleaning Schedule
•Hard Floors (Granite, Marble etc.)
•Cleaning of hard floors with soft padded dust controlled mops
•Cleaning of hard floors before office hours with wet mops and mild detergents
•Disinfecting of hard floors before office hours

Vertical Areas/ Walls
•Painted walls – Dusting with feather dusters or soft cloth
•Ceramic tiles – cleaning with mild detergent solutions. Special attention is paid to cleaning of grouting areas of tiles.
•Dusting and Cleaning of Skirting
•Cleaning and dusting of partitions
•Dusting of glasses and doors

Office Furniture
•Dusting of all office furniture
•Floor Cleaning
•Out Side Area Cleaning
•Spot removing from table tops / laminated partitions
•Cleaning of waste papers basket
•Disinfecting of telephones
•Dusting of PCs, Fax machines and Photocopiers
•Cleaning of glass panes from inside
•Dusting and cleaning of all doormats

•Scrubbing of WCs with toilet bowl cleaners
•Disinfecting of washrooms
•Wet mopping of floors and tiled walls
•Scrub cleaning of wash basins
•Replenishing of toiletries
•Dusting of hand dryers

Weekly Spring Cleaning Schedule
•Façade Float Glass Cleaning Work
•Mechanical scrubbing / Shampoo / Waxing of floor
•Cleaning of window glasses from outside
•Cleaning of electrical fixtures
•Cleaning of exhaust fans, louvers and grills
•Cleaning of painted surfaces with soap
•Polishing of brass and chrome fixtures
•Scrubbing of all glazed tiles in pantry and toilets
•Suction cleaning of corners, ledges etc.
•High dusting ( above eye level)

•Under Ground /Terrace Resident & Commercial Water tank Cleaning
•Scientific Disinfecting sanitizing & Cleaning of water Storage tank & utilities
•We are also having a special Team with Japanese technique

Pre Employment Security Check
•Verification of Residential Address
•Criminal Records
•Reference Checks
•Academic Background Checks

•Done through direct advertisement
•Stringent physical, education and mental standards
•Thorough verification of antecedents